The success of our living history group is dependent upon one thing: active members! We want new members from all walks of life. Yet whether young or old, experienced or novice, what new members MUST have in common is a love of history, respect for our veterans, and the desire to accurately portray the First Special Service Force in both  its appearance AND spirit. The Force was unique; therefore doing a complete impression of such a unit requires great dedication.

The First Special Service Force Living History Group is also a unit that adheres to the military code of conduct. Real soldiers follow orders. The same holds true of FSSFLHG. We cannot accurately recreate the structure of a military unit without a realistic chain of command. If you aren't willing to follow instructions, and you aren't willing to work toward an authentic impression then find another unit!

Doing a first-rate impression also requires the right gear. You must have all the items listed in the Basic Field Kit if you are going to look and act the part. If you buy the wrong uniforms or equipment you will not be allowed to use them or participate at events; so inform yourself and buy carefully! Remember, no modern or anachronistic material is permitted!

              In the spirit of the Force, our physical standards are also very important. This is necessary in order to ensure safety, endurance, and the proper image of an elite military unit of WWII. These standards are not meant to deter prospective members, but to outline the expectations that we have of our membership. Only by creating and maintaining such high standards in uniform, equipment, and attitude can we respectfuly represent the First Special Service Force.

              The Forcemen gave us their all… they deserve nothing less from us!