Basic Field Kit
M1937 Wool Trousers
M1937 Web Belt
OD Wool Shirt
M41, M43 Field Jacket or  'Tanker' Jacket
M41 Corcoran 'Jump' Boots or M43 'Buckle' Boots
M41 HBT Cap or M41 Wool 'Jeep' Cap
Wool 'High Neck' Sweater
'Dog' Tags

M1 Steel Helmet
M1923 Cartridge Belt
M1936 Suspenders
M1936 'Musette' Bag
M1918, M1919 or M1923 Magazine Pouch
M1924 First Aid Kit and Pouch
M1910 Canteen with Cup and Cover
M1910 E-Tool or M1943 E-Tool
M1916 Leather Hip Holster
M1926 Silverware
M1932 Mess Kit
Wool Blanket
.30-06 Khaki Bandoleer